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Barium industrial applications are limited because of difficulties in use. Usually barium is placed into a protective shell made from another metal or used as an alloy. Sometimes barium is obtained directly I the apparatus it is supposed to be used in just processing thermal reduction of the mixture of barium oxide with aluminium. Barium alloys with magnium ad aluminium are used in high vacuum apparatus as residual gases absorbent (getter). In small amounts barium is used in copper ad lead metallurgy for desoxydation and refining from sulphur and gases. Barium is used in antifriction materials.

Barium peroxide BaO2 is used in hydrogen peroxide production, in silk and plant - fiber bleaching, for disinfection, and as a component of alumothermic processes. BaS helps in animal skin hair removal. Perchlorate Ba(ClO4)2 is an excellent dryer. Coloured salts, chromate BaCrO4 and magnate BaMnO4 are component of pigments. Barium is also a good X-ray and gamma-ray absorber which makes it useful in X-ray apparatus and nuclear reactors. Barium sulfate is also a good X-ray absorber, used in X-ray diagnostic work for obtaining images of the digestive system Barium carbonate is a useful rat poison.

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