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Barium Acetate, Ba(CH3COO)2

Barium Acetate, Ba(CH3COO)2, crystallises from solutions of barium hydroxide in acetic acid at 0° C. in monoclinic crystals with 3 molecules of water, and above 10° C. in flattened triclinic prisms with 1 molecule. It is dehydrated at 130°-140° C., forming a snow-white hard powder of density 2.440. Sharp breaks in the solubility curve, as well as dilatometric determinations, indicate transition points at 24.7° C. and 41° C.

Aqueous solutions have been studied from the point of view of density, freezing-point lowering, and electrical conductivity.

The solubility in alcohol is only slight, 0.0385 grm. in 100 grm. of solvent.

cid salts of composition 3Ba(CH3COO)2.3CH3COOH.11H2O, and Ba(CH3COO)2.2CH3COOH, have been obtained. A compound, BaCl2. Ba(CH3COO)2.2CH3COOH, is also known, or, preferably, on account of its behaviour, BaCl(CH3COO).CH3COOH.

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