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Barium Formate, Ba(HCOO)2

Barium Formate, Ba(HCOO)2, is obtained by mixing barium hydroxide and formic acid solutions and allowing to crystallise. It forms monoclinic prisms. It is very soluble in water, but the solubility values obtained are not concordant. It is practically insoluble in alcohol, 100 grm. of the latter only dissolving 0.0063 grm. of the salt. The freezing-point lowering in aqueous solution, and hence the degree of dissociation at different concentrations, has been determined, and also the refractive index in the solid state and in solution. The density of the solid salt is 3.212.

There is a double salt with copper, 2Ba(HCOO)2.Cu(HCOO)2.2H2O, forming bright blue crystals of density 2.747.

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