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Barium Hydrophosphite, 2BaHPO3.H2O or H4Ba2P2O7

Barium Hydrophosphite, 2BaHPO3.H2O or H4Ba2P2O7, is formed by precipitation of barium chloride with ammonium phosphite. It loses water between 150° C. and 200° C. At higher temperatures it is decomposed, giving hydrogen, phosphorus, and barium pyrophosphate. A dihydrophosphite, BaH2(HPO3)2.H2O, 2H2O, or 3H2O, which loses 1 molecule of water of crystallisation on being dried, is known. Other crystalline acid salts of varying composition are also obtained by evaporating solutions of the ordinary phosphite with phosphorous acid. Barium Pyrophosphite, BaH2P2O5, is obtained by the dehydration of the acid phosphite at 120°-160° C.

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