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Barium Manganites

It is probable that many natural double oxides are really manganites very rich in manganese, for example psilomelane, and varvacite, Mn9O18Ba.3H2O. Several manganites have been prepared artificially. The compound BaO.MnO2 is stable above 1100° C. or below 1000° C., and the compound BaO.2MnO2 between these two temperatures. The latter is also formed along with manganese dioxide by heating barium permanganate at 320° C., and if the heating be prolonged, a manganite still richer in manganese, BaO.7MnO2, is obtained. The compounds, BaO.5MnO2 and BaO.MnO2.H2O, have also been obtained.

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