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Barium Metaphosphate, BaPO3

Barium Metaphosphate, BaPO3, may be obtained by dissolving barium carbonate in excess of phosphoric acid, evaporating, and heating. It forms a white powder, which is unchanged by dilute acids and by water, but is decomposed by concentrated sulphuric acid.

Polymerised compounds have also been obtained, for example barium hexametaphosphate, Ba3P6O18, similar to the calcium and strontium hexametaphosphates, and possibly others.

Double Salts of Barium Metaphosphate

Several double phosphates of the alkalies with barium are known: barium potassium orthophosphate, Ba2K2(PO4)2, or with 20H2O, and barium sodium orthophosphate, Ba2Na2(PO4)2. 18H2O or 20H2O; barium sodium pyrophosphate, 6Ba2P2O7.Na4P2O7.6H2O; and also the metaphosphates, NaBaP3O9. 4H2O, NH4BaP2O9.H2O, and KBaP3O9.H2O, and Na4Ba(PO3)6.8H2O. Uranium barium metaphosphate, Ba(UO2)(PO3)2, in thin green hexagonal plates, has been isolated. There is also a mineral, uranocircite, BaO.2U2O3. P2O5.8H2O.

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