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Barium Molybdate, BaMoO4

Barium Molybdate, BaMoO4, is obtained as a fine white crystalline powder by precipitating barium chloride with neutral sodium molybdate, or with an ammoniacal solution of ammonium molybdate. It may be obtained in long needles by heating sodium molybdate with a mixture of sodium and barium chlorides. The density is 4.659 at 17.5° C. The solubility in water is not very great, one part dissolving in 17,200 parts of water at 23° C., but it is increased by ammonium nitrate, and the salt is readily soluble in acids.

A number of acid salts of varying degrees of complexity, containing up to nine equivalents of molybdic acid for each equivalent of barium, have been obtained. There are also various complex salts - with iodic and periodic acids, with metaphosphoric and arsenious acids, with arsenic acid, and with oxalic acid. A barium thiomolybdate has been mentioned.

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