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Barium Stannate, 2BaO.SnO2.10H2O

Barium Stannate, 2BaO.SnO2.10H2O, is obtained in the form of brilliant pearly leaflets by the action of a solution of potassium stannate on a saturated solution of a barium salt or of barium hydroxide. Like the calcium and strontium compounds, it is insoluble in water but dissolves in cold hydrochloric or nitric acid, forming a clear solution which gelatinises on heating.

Both a chlorostannite, BaSnCl4.4H2O, and a chlorostannate, BaSnCl6.5H2O, are known, and also a fluorstannate, BaSnF6.3H2O, and a thiostannate, BaSnS3.8H2O.

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