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Barium Thiocarbonate, BaCS3

Barium Thiocarbonate, BaCS3, is obtained as a yellow microcrystalline product by the action of carbon disulphide on barium hydrosulphide, sulphide, or hydroxy hydrosulphide, in a current of hydrogen. It is more stable than the other alkaline earth thiocarbonates, is insoluble in alcohol, and slightly soluble in water, forming a red solution which dissolves one atom of sulphur per molecule of salt. No solid perthiocarbonate has, however, been isolated. On evaporation of the solution, oxidation takes place with the formation of barium thiosulphate. It is also obtained in a hydrated form, crystallising in short prisms, by the action of sunlight on barium hydroxide and carbon disulphide in the presence of water.

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