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Barium Thiosulphate, BaS2O3

Barium Thiosulphate, BaS2O3, is prepared by mixing hot concentrated solutions of barium chloride and sodium thiosulphate and allowing to cool. It forms brilliant white crystalline plates of a silvery appearance containing 1 molecule of water, which is lost at 100° C. It has a specific heat of 0.163 and a density of 3.45 at 18° C. When heated out of contact with air it is decomposed into a mixture of sulphate, sulphite, and sulphide. It is only slightly soluble in water and practically insoluble in alcohol. It may be used instead of the sodium salt for iodine titrations.

A double salt with bismuth, Ba3[Bi(S2O3)3]2, regarded as containing a complex anion, has been described.

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